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SUMMER 2014 (PART 6)

“ Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

– Edgard Degas

I enjoy visiting any kind of exhibitions. It’s relaxing thing to do.

Art has a positive impact on humans. You don’t believe me?
I am going to prove it to you by pointing out some eternal truths about art:

• Art helps the brain find knowledge and even to understand itself
• It gives your thinking a break
• It provides you with new visual experiences
• It makes you feel good
• It teaches you that problems have more than one solution
• Art helps you to tell a story, remember the past and people.
• Pictures speak louder than words
• It opens people’s eyes and make them see the world differently

Still don’t have faith in me? Well then I definitely recommend you to go to some place where you could be surrounded only by art. Then I want you to reread this post again. Be honest with yourself. Did I changed your mind? Leave a comment below if I did 🙂  .

Here are some pictures I took from one of the latest exhibitions in Tutrakan.






2 thoughts on “SUMMER 2014 (PART 6)

  1. I completely agree with you on the thing you said about art and I love exhibitons myself. Loved the things you did during summer, especially trying new things like cooking. I’m not the best cook either but I’m learning!

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