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It’s up to you…

There is a time in our life, when we are young, strong and healthy, when we try many things, when we feel like we can change the world. That time is our adolescence. Nevertheless probably every teenager thinks that this is the most unhappiest time in his life.

Because of hormonal changes some people are getting spotty and thick. Their voice is breaking – especially boyish voice. Girls are getting plump. What a disaster! Teens are getting more exacting in their outward. Sometimes this is a reason to be impolite and rude in attitude to the others. Are you wearing the same clothes over again this week? Wrong choise! – that certainly someone will tell you in the face. In adolescence teens are getting more nervous and irritable, too. Parents and teachers are annoying (even when they are right) – they always don’t like what and how do young. No one understands teen problems! You don’t even have enough money!

Although adolescence is a hard period it has his good sides. You have no responsibilities – you don’t have to race money for bills, you don’t have to go to work… The best part is that parents have to look after you. You have the chance to try different things and to find out in what area you are good. You have time for things you like-friends, sports, music, cinema.

Adolescence can be the most unhappiest time in your life. Only you can choose how to feel this period. It’s up to YOU!



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